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Thursday August 25, 2016


Member since: August 7, 2005
Last visit: December 4, 2009
Name: jimmy
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Location: the secret place of the most high
Country: Australia
Fav. BEP: Fergie
Fav. Song: Where is the Love
Fav. Video: My Humps
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i am still fighting every day

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there is a gold mosque in perth it is the temple of god writen about in the bible as been posessed by strangers it is of vital importance it is emptyed of cia alian crack whores [ asio,mi5 ect] i have formed a link with the building and myself , so every thing said in there is herd by me in my body , and every thing i see , hear or say is precieved there. so i have no privacy at all, i can not even shit in peace with out voices from there comenting on my shit . if every one could contact phill baker of riverview church in perth western australia and ask him to go to the temple with his boys and take control of the temple ,i would apreciate it . can someone let rihanna know that i"m...

i am so stupid
category: Love
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added on: 02/21 @212
i am still alive
category: Life
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added on: 08/01 @389
i have all ready died
category: Life
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added on: 04/09 @380


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Published on: 04/06/2007

the pope just after i told him i am allah

the pope just after i told him i am allah

Published on: 09/17/2006



Published on: 07/16/2006

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04/27/08 @796
ummm do u even like bep
10/05/07 @078
Fucking Homo Ass Pussy. I dont Care, Bann me for abuse or what not. I DONT FUCKING CARE U HOMOSEXUAL. Go jerk on your mom.
09/29/07 @094
come on dude! do u FUCKING think that you are the one that i worship? i dont care about watching my language if it's to say to you, FUCK YOU! you got no life, but stop imitating mine! FUCKING dumbass.
08/27/07 @007
your wierd!
04/19/07 @993
dude, stfu
09/10/06 @044
ur girlfriend??? lol god has gf

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party in a interstelar interuniversal interdimensi

i'm going on a working holiday soon and i'm going fishing on orions belt with a local fisherman from there .then i'm going backwards in time to do some work and see adam and eve .then i'm going to explore the know universe to you and then i'll come back to earth a moment or 2 after leaveing and i might incarenate all of ellohim at lest 30 years before returning .if anyone out there believes that i'm the great god almighty incarnate as a young spirit and humaniod is well come to come abord if you have good intent towards me if you are of not a sound mind and want to interfere with me or try to do me harm in any way i have just one question for you who do you think you are because i know who i am and where i'm going in life and i know what i can do while in the spirit as i am the most powerfull creation spirit known in this universe and beyond .and unless you are god and i am mistaken you have no rite to threaten me persicute me or blasfimy my name as you dont even know me ,who do the pepole of the world think they are they are humans and need to remember that they are created by higher beings by me as a matter of fact ,i have been poisioned , shot at , and killed in my sleep manny times and my brother killed me ounce just to show others in the sprit that not even a churib can kill god for more than a short moment in time i was instantly alive and if any one wants to test this fact just remember the pentagon and the lightning and the sun turning black and all of the other miricals i have done , i am god incarnate and i plan to build my kingdom on earth as this is where creation started from and if you plan on killing me when i'm awake just remember that i am not just flesh and blood i am a spirit and i was before i came to earth and i will still be alive when i leave and if you kill me in the mean time my body might fall over but what are you going to do about me the spirit with in the body that controls all movement and actions of the body unless ellohim make me do some thing or stop me from doing some thing , what i mean to say is this no one wants me to die again believe me i'm getting realy pissed off with people trying to kill me andmakeing plans to . and i'm realy getting angry about getting robbed all of the time , and i'm realy pissed off with people getting an income useing my name or my sons name to do so and no church on earth has ever in all creation ever given god money so if a priest tells you he wants a donation for gods kingdom just ask your self does that MAN work for god ? , himself or another , and i'll tell you this not one man works for me as no one man has ever done what i first wanted done and that is a face to face meeting with someone who believed i'm god and wanted to help build the kingdom of god and the ones i first went to and others have taken what i put in there posesion and not done as i asked and not only have they probably wasted lots of my money they rebueked me out rite on internatsional tv , the deli lama spoke against and said that i had fallen . well since when is he qualifide to say that he is a buddist monk not one of gods so called representitive on earth in a church that is supose to be gods flock , and what kind of so called believer in god in any way would listen to a buddist monk who clams to be budda himself , well hes not budda he is the serpent from the garden of eden incarnate here and now .does anyone in this world resect god anoth to go and see him i hope so because i realy do fell like giveing up on this world sometimes in case you dont know where i am try looking in country wesern australia . on the great northern highway.and one more thing bring me my sons please and can anyone lend me a few million dollars to get a gold mine started i think thats all i've got to say for now untill naother day stay alive and get onbord the ark or stay here if you want its up to you there is a small airport here and roads comeing from the north , the south , the east and the west .i am the dolphin , i seen a cartoon the other week that made me laugth there was a bloke with one of my names that i get call his name was jim and he won some thing and said i am jim the king the winner aha and i thort i wish i had said that so here goes i am the worrior king of arergedon i have allready fought ahead of time and i am jim , the king , the winner ,aha,,,. / AM / i / UMG
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